Monday, December 8, 2008

So tired

Kaci, don't be mad. I tried, I really did but I can't find the freakin' picture you want me to scan in. I swear I put it in a special place before so I wouldn't loose it. Well that plan backfired big time. I'll keep looking though. It has to be in my office at home. The good news? My office will be used as the nursery so I know I'll be cleaning it out sometime before the baby gets here, lol!

I had a great weekend. Saturday we hit two birthday parties and had fun at both of them. We got to see a lot of people that we haven't seen for awhile. I can't believe how many people are excited about my pregnancy. I went the gym both Saturday and Sunday and that makes me feel great. Yesterday Grant and I went to my parents house because they're going to Mexico on Saturday so we might not see them before they leave. Then last night we went over to JD and Angie's house and had dinner with them and Jack and Alexis came. It was a great weekend.

I'm really looking forward to next Thursday the 18th because we're doing the family gift exchange at my grandmas. It's always a lot of fun and it's how we spend time with extended family (aunts, uncles and cousins) since we don't get to at Christmas. I get to see my cousin's new baby for the first time too. Jessica had baby Cole in August and I've been waiting to meet him. I love the holidays because I get to spend time with family.

That's about all that's going on. If you haven't noticed (and I don't remember if I pointed it out before) but I did link my pregnancy blog to the right on the sidebar. Thanks for the suggestion Cindy from Cali!

Is this picture random enough? My brother Troy with some donkeys in Mexico.

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Cindy from Cali said...

Yea - First thing i saw when i logged on was the new link! Way easier to check both blogs...Thanks for the shout out!