Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Great, now that Christmas tree song is stuck in my head! Well, Grant and I went Christmas tree hunting this last Saturday. In my previous blog I said that we were going to my nieces birthday party, but plans changed. Instead we're going to her other birthday party this Sunday, on her actual birthday. So we went and got a Christmas tree instead. It was so much fun. Jack, Alexis, her son Christian, Grant and I (along with our dog and their three dogs) went up to Mineral and hiked around for like 2 hours looking for the perfect tree. It was freakin' cold outside. And I didn't know that they only had the "Charlie Brown trees" where we went and I like the bushy ones. But we were already there and paid the $10 so I settled. We had a lot of fun.

Then we got home and I had to start getting ready for the party so I jumped in the shower right away, then Haley came over. While I was in the shower Grant set up the tree and even strung lights and put a few ornaments on it. This was done by a guy who doesn't like Christmas. He always told me that once we have kids he'll get into the Christmas mood, I just didn't expect it to happen so soon. I'm not complaining though, it was great.

So off Haley and I go to the party. It was a beautiful party with great food and great people. We shot almost 400 pictures and had a great time. Haley got most of the pictures during the first couple of hours, then I told her to go drink and I'll get the rest. I freakin' love her camera. Seriously, you don't even have to be a good photographer to take a good picture with that thing. So I got the last half of the night with all the dancing and the drunks. It was great though and we had so much fun. I really hope that they like the pictures and are impressed with Haley because I know that someday she'd like to be a photographer. Hell I'd hire her to do any big event in a heartbeat.

Sunday Grant and I went to Home Depot and bought the rest of the supplies that we'll need to finish up the tile in the master bathroom. My mom and step-dad are always harassing Grant about taking so long on the bathroom (it's been almost 2 years, ha) and since they're in Mexico now and will be back on January 3rd, Grant is trying to get the bathroom done by then. We really just need to finish up tiling the shower, then tile the floor, buy the shower heads (there's two), plumb the sinks, toilet and shower heads, buy and hang the mirrors above the vanity then finish the electrical. Wow, I guess that sounds like a lot but you should see what we have done. I don't have a picture of it from when we bought the house but it was basically smaller than a closet. It had a small vanity, a small nasty shower and when you sat on the toilet your knees hit the wall in front of you. Fun huh? Here's a peek:

This is the progress of the shower from studded to almost done.

Here's the vanity and stub wall.

Like I said we're almost done with the tile in the shower so these aren't the most recent pictures. And if you're wondering about that wall color? That was Grant who picked it. It looks much different in person, I actually like it. At my house we're not really afraid of color.
I'm planning on posting a bunch of pictures soon with before and afters of the entire house.


Kaci said...

Looks great guys!!

Cindy from Cali said...

I like it! Wow...a remodel project, a baby, holidays, do you do it all? :o)