Friday, December 12, 2008

SO excited!

So my friend Haley, who you might remember from a previous post, was asked to photograph a company Christmas party tomorrow night. It started out because a friend of mine, Emily, works for a large company and they wanted to hire someone to take pictures. Well Emily saw the pictures that Haley took at my wedding (because Haley is an excellent photographer) and told her boss about her so they hired her! It's going to be a very nice catered party with an open bar. Even though it's semi-formal most people go all out and dress up. The best part is that I'm going with her! I can't wait. I love dressing up! Haley and I are both so excited!

Tomorrow morning though, before the party, we're heading to Roseville for Grant's niece's birthday party. That will be fun, I can't wait. We only get to them every month or two so it's nice to go and visit.

And Sunday we have no plans. I think Grant might work on the house and I might work on cleaning my office out. We have a lot of work ahead. We have a four bedroom house so aside from our bedroom we have a guest room, Grant has an office and I have an office. Well we've decided to make the guest room the nursery, Grant's office will be the guest room, and my office with end up being both of our offices. So ya, we have a lot of work to do.

I'm working on a post about the house complete with before and after pictures. But I realized I'm missing a lot of current pictures so I need to take some more before I post. That's my weekend in a nutshell. Have a great one!

Me and my girls at my bachelorette party. I'm in the red dress (obviously), Haley is directly next to me on the right, and Emily is to the right of her in the little black dress. We had a BLAST that weekend in Reno!