Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Work is slow

I'm starting to get worried. Work is so slow, in the eight and an half years I've been here I have never seen it this slow. It worries me mostly because my parents own the business so if something were to happen they would loose their income. The economy is just so bad right now. I even worry about Grant's job. He's doing great there and they absolutely love him but what if they start laying people off? He's the "new guy" there. For now we are okay but I still worry, it's just my nature.

And if work isn't enough to worry about I've gained like 15 pounds since my wedding just three short months ago. Yep, I can't believe it either. This morning I actually had to resort to my "fat pants" that I had stashed in my closet when I lost 30 pounds last year. I really need to go back to the gym. I have a membership I just don't have the motivation. Anyone want to join me? I need a workout buddy bad!

Just another 3 days this week left of work (after the hour and 3 minutes I have left today) and then it's the weekend again. This weekend my mom is having a party at the Hampton Inn for everyone that booked a cruise for February. My mom is a travel agent (she owns her own business out of her home) and specializes in booking cruises. What she does is she'll find a cruise she wants to go on and then she'll have a bunch of co-workers and friends and family join her and they'll get a group discount (this is what Grant and I did for the cruise where he proposed to me). Anyways this weekend she's having a party, a "Meet & Mingle" if you will, and she asked me to help. Grant is taking pictures but I have the best job; I get to man the chocolate fountain. Yep that's right, I will spend a couple of hours right there in front of the fountain. It's a good thing I dug out my "fat pants".

Here's me in the attire my girls made me wear in the mall during my bachelorette party weekend.
Fun times!

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Kaci said...

Just say no to the chocolate fountain...say it with me.

Nooooo chocolate fountain...
Chocolate fountain bad...skinny jeans good..


Have fun sister!