Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Changes are coming

Sorry, I've been a bad blog. Very bad blogger. Trust me I've made several attempts to write a new post but I just side tracked so easily. So what are the new changes you're probably wondering? Well, Grant got a job! That's great news for us. It's not that he was unemployed before but he owned his own business and since the economy took a dump his business hasn't been doing so well. We were hardly paying our bills to say the least. Well now he officially makes more money then me. I'm glad too because that will help boost his ego. On top of that he works in the same town I do (about an hour drive from our house) AND he has the same hours I do, so you know what that means.....we get to commute together. We're both so excited about that (for now. Ask us again in another few months and that may be a different story). But YAY! So great things are going to happen, starting with the mortgage is going to get paid. Haha, only joking a little. :o)

Lets see, what else is new, Saturday is Grant's birthday. I don't think we're doing much, maybe just cleaning up the house. Weird I know, but it's his birthday and that's what HE wants to do. Whatever.

Sadly, I think that's the only news to report. I live a boring life I guess. And now I'll leave you with a random picture.

This is my friend ­Kaci and I (and her daughter Elly at the bottom). This was a normal picture before Grant decided to have a little fun with Photoshop)

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Kaci said...

That's so hot! :) LOL!