Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Grant!

Today is Grant's birthday and it's been a wonderful day. We got to sleep in, which is always a precious commodity to both of us, we cleaned the house (which isn't so much fun, but now it looks great), his mom and sister and her husband came to visit and we all went out to lunch, and now it's just Grant and I and we're chillin' on the couch and watching T.V. I'm not watching so much as writing this blog but because it's his birthday he gets to pick what we watch and right now it's Gangland, one of is favorite shows. Later we may go over to a friends house for a barbecue, but for now it's just fun hanging out and knowing that we don't have anything that we have to do.

We just found out the house next to us is for sale. They're asking $160,000 for a four bedroom two bath. It's about 1300 square ft on a decent size lot. They're asking too much for it. It's a 1954 and it's never been updated. Really, it would not be good for us if it sold for that price. Our house is almost identical, we have the same floor plan but we've been renovating our house for the last two years. The problem? We're trying to refinance our house and we need it to appraise for close to $200,000. I don't think that will be a problem as long as this house doesn't sell before then. So lets hope that their house sits on the market until we're done refinancing. :o)

That's really all that's going on here. Grant is loving his job still and he's having a great birthday. Hope everyone else has a great weekend.

I would post another random picture but I'm on Grant's laptop right now and I don't have any pictures on it.

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Kaci said...

Happy Birthday GRANT!!