Tuesday, June 2, 2009

42. Finish my thank you cards from the wedding

I'm bad. I'm sooooo bad that I haven't written my thank yous. You have a year though right? Well ladies and gentleman I have completed goal #42! I got them done last night and dropped them in the mail this morning. I had most of them done for some time now but I was waiting on some addresses and I didn't want to mail them out until I could mail them all out at the same time.

Notice that several of them at the top are white? Well those would be my thank yous from the baby shower. Yep, the baby shower that I just had 3 days ago. All those thank yous went out too.

I didn't think I'd be knocking off these goals so quickly. I don't know if it's because I'm nesting or what but lately I've felt the need to get so many of my loose ends tied up. I think having my 101 goals written down helps too.

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Cindy Lou Who said...

Yep - sounds like nesting...