Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

I don't know why I neglect this blog so much. Maybe it's because my life is kind of dull? LOL!

My sister in law, Leah, started a blog today so go check her out and show her some love.

Grant and I are still doing great. We're both just working all the time it seems like. I feel like we haven't had much of a social life lately. It's like we wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch T.V, go to bed then repeat. Everyday. So at 8:00 this morning I decided that we should have a BBQ at our house this weekend and invite all our friends. It's supposed to be beautiful weather so what better time? I sent out a mass text message to like 15 people in my phone and invited everyone. I have a few yeses and a couple of noes (I had to look up how to spell the word no in the plural sense, it still doesn't look correct but whatever). I'm really looking forward to the BBQ, I can't wait to hang out with some of my friends again.

So that's about it, sadly. I hope that everyone is enjoying 2009 so far. I know I am.

I don't think I've posted this picture before. As you can see from the date it is a couple of years old. Actually this is just three months after we started dating. We were at a party at my parents house (the same one where Haley was doing the keg stand in a previous picture) and as you can see we where pretty drunk. Fun times.

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Cindy Lou Who said...

Well it's about time lady!!! LOL...Great pic of you two. Bbq sounds great. You haven't been to my blog in awhile either...come on lady...ha ha