Monday, February 9, 2009

I love PF Changs.

I've heard of PF Changs before and how it was so delicious, but I didn't have the pleasure of trying it until yesterday. OMG it was good! A little pricey, but worth every penny. I can't wait to go back. Too bad the closest one is over 2 hours away.

Speaking of delicious restaurants, I've heard that The Melting Pot was good. I want to go there so bad. Yet again the nearest one is over 2 hours away. But I told Grant that I want to go before Carter (oh ya, did I mention on this blog that it's a BOY?!) is born. He thought that was a good idea too so he's on board. That's going to be one expensive dinner but I'm willing to save up for it. :)

In other news, Grant's truck broke down yesterday. His transmission is bad. BOO! So we figure it's going to be about 2k or so to get it replaced. That sucks. We're going to have to use our credit card :( At least once that gets done his truck should run good for a long time still. It's a 2002 Tacoma and he loves it so we'll be keeping it for sure.

That's pretty much all that's going on. So to leave you with a random picture;

This is the candy buffet I had at my wedding. It was such a hit. In the background you'll see my delicious wedding (yes it's leaning but it was the BEST cake I've ever eaten) and Grant's surprise soccer ball grooms cake. I loved it all.


Cindy Lou Who said...

The Melting Pot by my house closed and went out of business...hope that wasn't the one you were talking about! ;o)

Korndog said...

No, I knew that one closed because it was on the website. I was going to go to the other one.
Thanks for the heads up on the 5 minute mug cake too! :)

Kaci said...

Look at you two becoming BFF's! As if! Stay back Cindy is mine and Kory is mine...ALL MINE!

Oh and the candy buffet was the best.