Monday, November 24, 2008

Tomorrow is the day

I get to see Poppy again tomorrow. I can't wait! My BFF Tonya is coming to the ultrasound with Grant and I and I think she's just as excited. I'm 8 weeks and 2 days along today. I bought a bunch of maternity clothes over the weekend along with some Christmas presents. I love getting my Christmas shopping done early. I have about 6 people down and 7 more to go. That's not too bad. I've been thinking I would love to shop on Black Friday this year but I won't be able to because we'll be at Grant's mom's house for Thanksgiving that day. Just to give you an idea here's my schedule for the 4 day holiday weekend:

Thursday-Thanksgiving at my Dad's house in Chico. That night we'll go to mother in laws house and stay the night

Friday-Thanksgiving at my mother in laws house (near Grass Valley) and possibly stay the night again

Saturday-Christmas at my Mom's house in Red Bluff. Yes, Christmas. That's because they'll be gone during Christmas (on vacation in Mexico) and so we'll celebrate it early.

Sunday-Go back to mom's and have a bake day. My mom, step-sister and I are going to bake cookies and treats ALL DAY! I can't wait. I finally get to brake in my brand new Kitchen Aid mixer that I got as a wedding gift.

So that's my schedule and I love being busy so it works! I hope that everyone has a great holiday season!

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