Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why it helps to have a wedding planner.

My wedding was amazing. It truly was the best day of my life and it was everything I've ever dreamed it would be. My great friend Amelia helped with the planning and basically took over to make sure all the details got done. This is how my wedding day started:

8:00 am: Wake up in the hotel room I got for me and 4 other friends.

8:15 am:
Go down to the free continental breakfast with Haley, Mona, Tonya and Amy.

9:00 am:
Get back to the room and decided to go back to sleep in the comfy bed.

10:30 am: Haley, Tonya and I go downtown to do a little shopping.

11:30 am: Have lunch at a great little sandwich shop, Kona's, in downtown Chico.

12:15 pm:
Pick up the wedding dress and try it on again so Tonya and Haley can learn how to do the bustle.

1:00 pm:
Arrive at my parents house (where the wedding took place) and since Grant wasn't there yet I got to say hi to family and friends and make sure everything was going how I had planned. This part I enjoyed because I finally got to boss some people around. I know, I'm bad!

2:00 pm: Lock myself with my bridesmaids, hairdresser and mom into my parents upstairs room to get ready and to hide from Grant. At this point we were all getting our hair and make up done.

4:00 pm: Watch the girls take some shots (I rarely drink and I didn't want to be sick on my wedding day).

6:30 pm: Anxiously peek out of the window to see all of the guests arrive.

7:00 pm: Walk down the aisle with my Dad.

So as you can see I had such a relaxed day. I got plenty of rest and plenty to eat. My brideslaves, I mean bridesmaids were at my side all day. I could not have pulled of such an amazing wedding without the help of Amelia.


Kaci said...

Amelia was truly awesome! :) WTG AMELIA!! Hope you continue to do your awesomeness!

Kellan said...

Beautiful bride - beautiful wedding - Congratulations!

I'm a friend of Kaci - came by to say hi! Welcome and I hope to see you soon - Kellan

Leah said...

awww I love weddings!

mamachristina said...

I found your blog through kaci's and came to say hi. You were a beautiful bride and I loved the elegant black dresses. Are you a scrapbooker? I just love your blog header andit looks like one of a scrapbooker. Just wondering.