Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been tagged!

­Kaci has tagged me and instructed me to go onto Google Images and find an image suitable for my response to each question. So here we go;

Past Loves: This would be shopping! Why is this a past love you ask. Well I just recently found out that it's difficult to shop without money. Now while there is a way to do it, using the five finger discount just isn't my style. So until Grant and I have money, shopping will remain a past love. So sad!

My First Name: Okay, this one took me awhile to find an image for. You wouldn't believe some of the images that comes up when you search for Kory. No, I don't need pictures of strippers thank you very much. So My Dad is the one who picked my name. Not only did he pick the name Kory, but he was also the one to decide that it would be spelled the way it is. Which is why it was funny when he misspelled my name one time. Yes, he really did that. Thanks Dad!

My Middle Name: This one is common. It's tradition in my family that the daughter takes the middle name of the mother and the son takes the middle name of the father. Grant and I have also decided to continue this tradition which is great because his middle name is Thomas, which is also the name of his late father.

What are you doing right now: Working. I know that the picture shows someone who is being handed many things to do and I'm sure you can figure out that obviously that is not my current situation as I'm sitting here typing random facts about myself but sometimes that really is me.

My Age: I can't believe it, I'm 27 years old. It's funny actually because my birthday was just over a month ago and about 3 weeks ago I was lying in bed trying to remember how old I was. Seriously. Then when I counted back and realized, again, that I was 27 (!) years old I just about freaked out. You would have thought that I was learning about that for the first time. Needless to say, I try not to think about my age anymore.

My favorite treat: you not know me? If you don't know the answer to this then you must be a random blog reader (which would be awesome actually, I've always wanted random blog readers). mmmMMMMmmmm chocolate......... And it's not once a month that I want chocolate, in fact it's not even once a day that I want it, it's pretty much anytime that I'm awake. And sometimes that's not even true, I have been known to crave it in my sleep (those are the best dreams by the way). So ya, chocolate is my friend and I'll love it 'til the end.

Place I would like to travel: I've always wanted to stay in a glass bottom bungalo in Tahiti. I can only hope that on our 10th anniversary Grant and I will have enough money (or equity in our home, lol) to afford a vacation like this.

My Favorite Color: Growing up my favorite color was always purple but I think I got tired of it. Have I ever mentioned that I like change? Anyways, now I love the color red. I'm not obsessed with it though. I'm not one of those people that have to have everything in their favorite color, I like to mix it up a little. But of all the colors, red is my favorite......for now.

My home Town: Dead Bluff......I mean Red Bluff is the town I grew up in. If you're not familiar with Red Bluff let me paint you a picture of what you would see as you drive down Main Street; you'd probably pass a tractor, Home Depot, at least 4 trucks hauling hay or horses, 8 hicks, 54 rednecks, several cows, a few historic stores and 4 drunk drivers. Oh, and if you want clothes your options are WalMart or WalMart. No lie, that's Red Bluff to a T. Do you see why we call it Dead Bluff now?

My Favorite Animal: That's easy, my dog Coco. I know it seems weird for a black dog to be named Coco, you'd think he'd be brown with a name like that, but anyways, he came with that name. Coco was a gift from Grant for Christmas in 2006. We rescued him from the pound and he is the best dog that I've ever owned. And as you can see from the pictures he's also the cutest dog in the world. I put a few pictures of him because he's just too cute.

And now I will tag Jennifer because like me she just started a blog, but she's even newer. And besides Kaci, who was the one who taged me, she's the only friend I have in the blog world. Sad I know!

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Kaci said...

Yea Kory!! So glad you did this! Wooo Hooo! Dead Bluff...but wait they now have two Starbucks so it's movin up a lil! :) LOL!